Your Relationship with Food

With obesity and chronic illnesses on the rise, not only in the Western States but globally as well. Scientists now believe that the result is from the consumption of ultra-processed foods and sedentary lifestyle.

In the 19th Century, when the Industrial Revolution rose, we began to see the rise in commercialized food production. Food was made cheap by using cheap grains and adding flavor enhancers to make this low-cost, high-profit food very tasty, if not addictive. Let’s not forget the additives to make the food shelf-stable. Ever wonder why you crave certain foods you know are bad? But that’s not the only bad part. I’ve already discussed how the chemicals in processed foods affect the gut microbiome.  It’s time we discuss your bad relationship with food.

There are good and bad foods. We all know this. This fact has been taught to us from an early age. But, for whatever reason, we’ve chosen to ignore the bad signs and still hold close to our hearts the very thing that is harming us. Does this sound like a bad relationship to you? Well, it most certainly is.

Take a moment and think about the last time you ate processed foods. It could have been packaged, frozen or even fast food (delivery included). Consider how you felt when you ate it, then think back to how you felt afterward.

I’ll give you my example here. John and I were out shopping for a long time, and we were both starving. So we decided to grab something quick before we went home. With much dismay, we went through a drive-through. Not a good choice, I know. However, this time was much different for me. I actually paid attention to the taste of the food. Yes, it was good, but not homemade good. It was very salty. Within about thirty minutes, I felt terrible. My stomach was killing me, I felt tired, and it took me a couple of days to recover. Was it worth it? Absolutely not.

We’ve Lost The Meaning of ‘Good Food’

The meaning of Good Food has been replaced by what tastes good. But truthfully, it’s those added chemicals that trigger the ‘feel good and taste good button in our brains. Got it now?

Good food is whole food that has beneficial nutrients for the body, to help us thrive and stay healthy. No shake can give you that, even if they promise. They have additives too!

Millions of people have fallen prey to the same relationship with these processed foods, fast foods, fad diet foods, and diet shakes. Companies make a killer profit from the cravings that people desire. Since we can remember, we’ve trusted these industrial companies to supply us with easy and simple access to food. Never have we given any thought to what it would do for or to our bodies and general health.

 Being mindful of the food we eat begins with a simple choice.

Take the step forward and consider choosing to eat smarter, healthier, and more nutritious foods. Don’t be fooled by the processed food game. Read the labels and stay clear.

It’s time we break up with processed foods, they aren’t good for us. They are filled with so many chemicals even mold doesn’t want to eat them! Nope, it’s not a good relationship and certainly not one that is going to last a lifetime.

Perhaps it’s time to settle down with the quiet one. You know, the one no one ever pays attention to. That fine-looking plate of healthy veggies and a single serving of meat. Oh, it’s been there the entire time, but you didn’t notice it, well, not really. I mean, with all the commercials and whatnots, there’s no wonder why you left that homemade meal. 😉 But, it never left you. There’s still time. Go ahead, you deserve a better relationship than the one you had with the old processed.

Until next time, be safe and healthy. With Love, John, and Tracey

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