Holiday Cooking Ideas

Every now and again, taking a break from the traditional dinners can be a good thing. Well, at least we think so. 😀

Here are a few of our recipes for any occasion.

Cranberry Sauce with Apples and Orange Zest
Braised Cornish Hens with Apple & Roasted Pecans
Homemade Chocolate Custard
Remember, it is okay to try different recipes. Some, and I admit this for myself and John, don't always agree with our flavor palette. I have been told, and I agree...I am a picky eater. There, I've said it and with that said I would like to explain a few things about being a picky eater when it comes to cooking and trying new recipes.

Trying new recipes allows you to explore your taste preferences. I've met many people in my lifetime that were stuck on only a few dishes, or wouldn't try certain foods for one reason or another...and that's okay. Personally, there are certain foods I won't eat, primarily because the smell doesn't appeal to me. I rely heavily on my sense of smell when cooking, and it has never let me down.

In every culture of this world, taste preferences are what makes the cuisine world go round. Not to mention you don't have to be Columbus to discover your particular food taste is round. Honestly, it took me years to discover what I liked and didn't like and to be honest about it. What helped was the desire to learn, explore more food varieties and keep cooking no matter what.

Everyone is different when it comes to taste, and we should all embrace those differences. So with that said, I can now say...there will be some dishes that we all don't like for one reason or another. But hey, that's all what makes cooking fun! Embrace it!

So this Holiday season, if you are one of those people like John and I, and desperately seek something other than the norm, try out a few of our recipes or take our idea and make your own. Have fun with it, and explore the possibilities. Who knows, you could come up with a new tradition for your family, just like John and I have.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and we wish many bountiful blessings upon you all. With all our love, John and Tracey.

P.S. I'll be posting our Roasted Duck Recipe and our new favorite Chicken with Roasted Roots Stew (Yup, this soup is unique, very tasty and came as an accident. It's a perfect soup for those cold wintry days.)

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