Soups and Stews

John and I have a passion for soups and stews. In our opinion, stews and stews are our favorite go to meals for any season, especially the rainy days.

Stews and Soups have been around for thousands of years. Soups are mainly considered a clear broth base with added ingredients (ex. Chicken Noodle Soup). Stews are thicker, consisting of a more gravy type broth base. The French classified clear soups as bouillon and consume’. Thick soups were classified as purees, which are thickened with starch and bisques which are thickened with cream.

Soups are a way to create a wonderful appetizer along side salad, or a soup and salad for lunch is a healthy option. Stews can make an easy and complete meal, especially for dinner. Crock pots come in handy for busy people who want home cooked meals. It is as simple as put all the ingredients into the pot, set it and dinner is ready when you get home.

Even though John and I love soups and stews, we make them totally different. John loves to make a more puree style soup thickened with starchy veggies like sweet potatoes. Me, on the other hand love the thick stews, the kind where you need a fork and spoon to eat. Either method we choose, we enjoy the results.

Beef and Cabbage Soup

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